A coffee enema detox diary

coffee enema detox diary

coffee enema detox diary:picture by Ambrozjo (sxc)

This week I decided to take a few days aside to do my semi-annual detox program and liver cleansing (yes, I do also follow the natural detox tips that I share with my readers!).  I usually use coffee enemas as part of the detox program, as I have found them very effective.  Readers are often interested in practical examples of using these types of enemas. so here is a short diary.

Privately, I am always slightly apprehensive when I come to do the liver cleansing with coffee enemas , which includes a cleansing fast where I do not eat any meat or dairy or yeast products: I always think that I’m going to faint at work or not be able to reach the end of the day without the usual snacks and solid food.  But ,time and gain, I’m amazed how I have managed to get through to the end of the week “intact”, and with energy to spare.  That’s, I believe, because I use supplements with the coffee enemas, as recommended by the natural detoxification program I follow.  Things such as Super Green food, like the Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula, 600- Grams (60-Servings) and “tissue-building” drinks-you need to supplement properly if you are going on any detox program or diet.

I cheated on this particular detox as I do have an awful lot of work on at the moment.  I went for a 4 day fast this time, so that the two final days fell on a weekend and, although busy writing articles such as these, I wasn’t so stressed.  That’s the other thing if you’re going to do a cleansing detox -or a mini-detox such as I did-you need to PLAN ahead for it.. I spent time buying all the ingredients I would need to keep me alive and well during the period of the detox- things like natural yogurt made from live cultures (unsweetened); Spirulina the green wonder food; a “Super Green food” product I use on top of the Spirulina.  The Spirulina is mixed in with a capful of Apple Cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey and constitutes the “tissue building drink; the Carrot juice is mixed in with a sachet of Super Green Food and constitutes the health drink.  Then you have the herbal cleanse “Cleansing drink” which you take together with the tissue building drink.  You can see how much you need to think about replacing your fluids -it’s not just a case of “having a coffee enema”.

Day 1:

Inserted the enema after taking the morning drinks.  It felt a bit awkward at first, not having done an enema for a while ,and I made a mental note to be a bit more liberal with the Vitamin E cream, as the nozzle felt like it was scratching a bit.  (One should coat the nozzle with a lubricating cream such as that stated).

The cleansing drink contains a herbal cleanse product made up of Psyllium husks, apple pectin, butcher’s broom and 2 other ingredients.  This helps to cleanse the body of toxic waste and the purpose of its use is to remove the encrustations which have clogged up the colon. Kristina Amelong recommends that you clear out your colon with one to two soapy water and/or peppermint oil and sea salt enemas before you implant the coffee enema.

Results: well, what can I say?  I felt relieved!  Reminded me of the old jingle “If the bottom has fallen out of your world, take (supply your own product name here e.g coffee enemas) and watch the world fall out of your bottom“.  Basically -and you need to follow the procedures outlined by the detox program you follow- I lay on my right side for 10-15 minutes and then went to the loo directly after.  I noticed with interest after the first passage of accumulated waste, a small disgusting looking encrustation was observable.  Presumably this had been somewhere in my colon for a while!

Day 2:

Repeated the procedure of two enemas a day plus drinks and taking only potato soup for my meals.  Finding the tissue building drink a bit unpleasant and tedious to taste (as the Spirulina doesn’t taste great-that’s why you are told to mix one teaspoon of honey with it, I guess) but otherwise not feeling bad at all.  Lat time I did the coffee enema detox I seem to remember feeling dizzy at times.

Apparently the “Healing reactions” (effects of coffee enemas) to be expected range from general weakness and discomfort to mouth ulcers, cough, fever and if you have had conditions like eczema this can apparently become more severe over a few days.  I did seem to cough a bit during the day and my son, bless him, told me to take some breath mints!  More encrustations emerged in the toilet bowl.  Fascinating in a bizarrely yukky way, but I was comforted in the knowledge that my insides were thanking me for this natural detoxification and the chance to detoxify and rejuvenate.

Day 3:

More encrustations. I’m not having headaches like last time I did a coffee enema. Great!  Feeling healthier, but notice my skin looks “older” and I have dark shadows under my eyes. More “healing reactions” I presume to toxins leaving the body.  It occurred to me that I was doing a modified form of fasting and that if we all listened to Jesus -even when it comes to dietary health-we would all be so much better. He said “When you fast” (not “if”!)  Noticed on a health guru’s website recently that apparently the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the U.S reported that in 2006, over 53,000 people died from colon cancer!  Colon cancer, I know, is also a problem in countries like New Zealand and Australia where meat and BBQ’s are an important part of national culture.

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Day 4:

My last day.  Made a bit of a mess with the coffee enema insertion tube-not properly inserted.  Perhaps will have to get a softer,shorter nozzle from one of the companies below next time.  My skin looks very dry but feeling good inside.  Looking forward to ending the cleansing detox and liver cleansing today!

Healing reactions and (side) effects of coffee enemas today: I did definitely feel weaker today and felt a bit faint when I went to a meeting in the evening. On completing the enema and having a health drink and “dinner” later, felt better. Generally on the coffee enemas benefits side of things, am feeling a lot more alert and my liver and colon are thanking me!  For a further report on any longer term benefits or result I will update this post later…….

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