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Thanks for stopping by my site. My name is John (or “covenantguy”, my pen name on some health websites) and I really became interested in wellness products, natural healing remedies and alternative remedies after facing some quite severe health issues myself.  I have worked as a salesman for some years now and developed a severe hemorrhoid condition and other intestinal complaints after some sales trips.  A trip to a local doctor and then to a proctologist failed to produce any solutions.  The proctologist suggested some surgery solution but could not guarantee it would work and said that nature was often just as efficient at healing situations like mine.

I was a bit mortified as I still felt unwell and had received no helpful advice other than being relieved of a large chunk of my weekly pay and being pointed vaguely in the direction of natural health.  Later a friend suggested Chinese herbal remedies and I found some relief in using these even though the language barrier meant I was not sure at the time which products I was taking, or what they were meant to do!

I later on experienced real relief through learning about a natural detoxification program which I eagerly implemented .  All the time I prayed for healing as well, as I am a firm believer in the fact that God heals people today, but I soon had the realization that this was not going to be healed through a “quick fix prayer”.  God, I believe, does heal through prayer in some cases where certain (usually faith) conditions are met (and I have sometimes recived healing this way); for many other situations, he has a manual (the Bible) which mentions, among other things, the role of foods and correct diet in having a good. healthy life(my diet as a salesman was pretty unhealthy!).  And I also have come to see there are many herbal and natural remedies in this world and through God’s providence different ethnic groups (such as the Chinese) have become repositories of useful wellness information which the world can benefit from.  Western pharmaceuticals have their limits and one should not forget good old exercise!

This site provides detailed reviews of some great products that I have come across so that visitors can learn more about them and see if they are the right ones for them

I am glad to say I have been delivered from hemorrhoids and associated conditions but am still vigilant about my health because we live in a “toxic world”.  I believe firmly that one needs to keep one’s “house” (body) clean after detoxing and “cleaning out the house” -or using whatever wellness product that is applicable to you.  Taking the initial product or detox program should followed by some maintenance regime.   I was explained this principle by a Chinese doctor as well as seeing it mentioned in the Bible.  I believe God wants you to live the “good life” which he has planned for all those who embrace his kingdom and his covenant.  I am not a doctor but I believe keeping good health is often a matter of choosing on a daily basis to make healthy decisions-and I don’t always do that!

De 30:15  “See, I have set before you this day life and good, and death and evil; Choose life so that you and your children will live”

Hope you enjoy my site,

Your friend for health




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