A Review of Ultimate Colon Cleanse

Ultimate Colon Cleanse for Constipation

Hi, I am a person who used to suffer from constipation and you’re reading my unbiased review of what I think of Ultimate Colon Cleanse, or as it is known now: the Ultimate Lifespan program.

I have tried different products that claim to relieve constipation but I did not really see any dramatic and lasting results. When I stopped certain remedies, my constipation comes back. I didn’t like the idea of taking one such remedy forever. Having learned my lesson the hard way, I now consider new offerings with a grain of salt. When I thought of trying the Ultimate Lifespan program, I wanted to make sure that I would be flushing down waste material, not my money, so I first did some research. To my disappointment, I haven’t come across any real Ultimate colon cleanse reviews so I thought I’d write one to help those who are in the same boat as I was.

I will be pointing out both the good and bad points that I have experienced so if that’s not something you want to hear then you may as well leave now. But if you are really serious with finding a solution to your constipation or whatever related health problem you are suffering from, then read on.

An initial turn off for me was its price. I was not prepared to pay $65 for something I’m not sure really works. But its 365-day money back guarantee impelled me to give it a try. Boy, I’m glad I did!

What got me curious about Ultimate Colon Cleanse despite its price is that it is no ordinary treatment for constipation. With my little research and actual experience, I found out that this 30-day Ultimate Colon Cleanse Program is a holistic method of internally cleansing and detoxifying my body. My 30-day program involved taking a special blend of 14 natural herbal ingredients which I dissolve in juice and drink in the morning. It helped to loosen and get rid of deeply impacted toxins that had accumulated in my colon. This easily addressed my constipation in a gentle and safe way. My sessions in the toilet were never messy and explosive.

To my satisfaction, the benefits of Ultimate Colon Cleanse did not stop there with two more components of the system that I fulfilled. I also took its anti-parasite system that helped me get rid of intestinal worms, their eggs and other parasites that I didn’t know were living in my body! These potentially dangerous parasites may have caused my low energy and flabby tummy.

The third component of the Ultimate Colon Cleanse Program which I enjoyed taking was the tasty caffeine-free herbal tea that I took each night before I hit the sack. This helped propel the accumulation of toxins and dead parasites through my colon and out of my system the next morning. I now regularly sit on the throne feeling like a king who has conquered his subversive subjects. No more difficulty in defecating. My tummy is flatter with no more feeling of bloatedness. I feel more energetic and enjoy life with a better sense of well-being. It is indeed worth every penny.

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by Luzette B.

for Natural-detox-tips.com

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Bowtrol Colon Cleanse Review

A Clean Colon:Relief from a World of Pain

Bowtrol Colon Cleanse Review
A world of pain, diarrhea, constipation, embarrassment, and frustration….This is how life has been for my, now 17 year old daughter, for most of her life. Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has forced us to have numerous doctor visits along with having to complete many tests, some of which were humiliating and painful, over many years. Had Bowtrol colon cleanse been in existence while she was growing up, it could have saved her many painful moments.

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A Personal Report on the Benefits of Colon Cleansing

The most frustrating thing about the whole illness has been the lack of diagnosis and lack of relief or a suitable irritable bowel syndrome treatment. The best treatment so far was the natural colon cleanse my daughter had to complete as a preparation for a Colonoscopy; that wasn’t even an ordered treatment, just a test preparation.

It’s been hard for my daughter to live with IBS although she has learned to adjust her life around her illness. It’s quite embarrassing for a teenager to have to stop in an emergency and spend sometimes an hour in the restroom- especially when with a group of friends. The only silver lining out of this whole thing is discovering what is possibly the best colon cleanse for weight loss and I thought I’d write a bit of a colon cleanse review.

Speaking from a mother’s standpoint, it’s so hard to watch one of your children suffer with a head ache let alone live their life in agony on a daily basis. Something I am not proud of has occurred due to the habitual suffering of my daughter; I’ve become de-sensitized to her suffering. I will find times that I get annoyed because she will hold up anything we might be doing by needing to be in the bathroom for long periods of time. That sounds so unreasonable and I hate myself for saying it- but it’s the truth.

As for her current status; the latest recommendation came after my daughter’s most recent colonoscopy and was to get a probiotic and work towards a clean colon. The theory behind the recommendation was that the primary benefits of colon cleansing would be the removal of any and all residual toxic fecal matter that was missed by the colonoscopy preparation. He recommended that when she starts her probiotic therapy (and there is Bowtrol probiotic product as well) that she has a clean, empty colon.

A colon cleanse isn’t just to produce a clean colon, it has more of a purpose. What a Bowtrol colon cleanse user can expect (some of the main benefits of colon cleansing) is improvements in their metabolism, electrolyte processing improvements, increases of energy, weight loss and of course a detoxification.

After one month on the Bowtrol colon cleanse and probiotic therapy, she has been fairly regular and hasn’t had any episodes of pain or spasms. Bowel movements have somewhat normalized. No incidents of constipation or diarrhea have occurred.

We plan to remain following this treatment and hope that it continues to result in normal gastrointestinal functioning.

by Tracey O’Donnell cma (AAMA)

writing for Natural-Detox-Tips.com

© 2011/12

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Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review

Best Colon Cleanse? -Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review

Ultimate Colon Cleanse Review
Hi this is a review of what I thought about Ultimate Colon Cleanse.  Note:this is a review so if you’re looking for the Organica Research Ultimate Colon Cleanse website then click here.

I am writing this because the average Ultimate Colon Cleanse review will talk about the benefits of the product without actually explaining how it works. In an effort for others to understand exactly what the implications of taking this product is, let’s first talk about the process involved when utilizing the ultimate colon cleanser.

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse provides a complete system of internal cleansing. This system is a three-part program providing a thorough colon cleanse that is designed to get rid of all the negative variables in the body

The Three-Part System

When you buy Ultimate Colon Cleanse, you get three types of products designed to meet three separate needs. The first part involves the Internal Cleansing Fiber which is designed to loosen the materials accumulated in the colon area.

Next is the Ultimate Anti-Parasite Support that gets rid of the parasites inside the body including eggs and intestinal worms.

The last one that would comprise the Ultimate colon cleansing group is the Nighttime Cleansing Tea ideally taken prior to sleeping and contains natural ingredients including licorice and chamomile.

Advantages of Ultimate Colon Cleanse

There a lot of reasons why Ultimate can be regarded as the best colon cleanse product out in the market today. For one thing, it is an herbal colon cleanse and is therefore completely safe to take in. In Ultimate Colon Cleanse reviews most individuals who tried the Ultimate Colon Cleanse report that the product had very minimal side effects.

The Ultimate Anti-parasite Support is also incredibly effective in getting rid of yeast growth. Users speak particularly of its effectiveness in getting rid of Candida side effect yeast growth which immediately stopped as soon as the user started taking the pills.

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As someone who has been prescribed anti-parasite pills by my naturopath and having had to use various methods including coffee enemas to cleanse out my liver and colon, I had no difficulty in recognizing the usefulness of this product.  Those who are experiencing chronic yeast infections or even mercury poisoning symptoms can also benefit from the Ultimate Colon Cleanse. With the food types we ingest every day, the buildup of metals in the body sometimes occurs, necessitating a Mercury Candida Detox to purge the metals. However, this can only be done properly if the organs are prepared for the release. For this, experts suggest the use of the Ultimate Colon Cleanse before the Mercury detox is performed.

Consumers who have had ulcerative colitis have also shown remarkable improvement after using the Ultimate colon cleanse product to the point where no trace of scarring can be seen on their intestinal walls.

Weight loss in many individuals has frequently been noted as the result following a colon cleanse so the rumors are true! Those who have tried out the product rave about how colon cleansing managed to chip off pounds in a healthy way.

Ultimate colon cleanser users have found that by using the product they have been also cured of common, annoying health problems such as bloating, gas, back pain and rashes.

Not only were the colon cleansing products able to clear up several problems caused toxic buildup, but the overall result was a highly energetic lifestyle with uninterrupted sleeping hours and overall all healthy mind and body.

Disadvantages of the Ultimate Colon Cleanse

Developed from thorough Organica research, the Ultimate Colon Cleanse is one of those rare products that have no side effects due the fact that it’s 100% natural. The only downside present in most Ultimate Colon Cleanse review is the fact that it costs more than other products out there at around $77 per pack. You have to weigh up Ultimate Colon Cleanse’s many benefits and health advantages against this.

If you are skeptical, and you are entitled to be with all the reviews of similar products on the net, just remember the product comes with a 365-day money back guarantee for those who are unsatisfied with the results.

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Coffee enema instructions

How to do a coffee enema

Where to Buy Coffee Enema Kits

Coffee Enema Kits from Amazon

Get organic enema coffee here

People sometimes ask me about how to do a coffee enema.  It would depend a little on the program or course of treatment you follow, but in general I think the procedure is fairly similar and simple.  This is just the procedure I follow in administering a coffee enema.  Remember as we say in our disclaimer always consult your doctor first before using any enemas. If you are using a certain health company’s protocol, such as those mentioned in our other articles on Coffee Enemas then follow their instructions carefully.

Basic Coffee Enema Instructions

In the program I followed this is how I do a coffee enema:

Preparing the Coffee:

I add 3 heaped teaspoons of the Organic Enema coffee to 2-4 regular cups or glasses (500 ml-1 litre) of distilled water.  It must be pure,distilled water.  Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes.  Strain and let cool to body temperature.  (Test with a finger knuckle-solution must not be too hot or too cold)

The amount of distilled water used for boiling the coffee really depends on your body size and mass and your ability to retain the coffee.  I am quite slim and find 2 glasses (500 ml) quite sufficient.  The volume of water should not exceed 1 litre, and note that the final solution will be less than the original volume of water used.

If you find it difficult to hold the coffee in, then use only two glasses of distilled water to prepare the coffee.  Add one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to the solution before administering the enema to help in the retention.

Administration of Enema

Pour Prepared coffee solution into an Enema bag or Bucket (you can get these from the links below).  With my model, I open the stop-cock and allow the coffee solution to come down and fill the enema tube.  If using the enema bag, ensure there are no bubbles left in the enema tube by lifting the tube above the bag and then lowering it slowly till the coffee solution fills the tube.  Turn off the stop-cock.  Hang the Enema bag or bucket (again you need to follow the instructions of your program-this is simply what I do with mine) 18-24 inches above the body as you lie on the floor ( I use a clothes hanger on the door handle but you could place it on a bench).

Lubricate the anal tube with Vitamin E cream.  For adults, you insert the anal tube 3-4 cm into the anus*.  Lie down on the right side with both knees pulled forward towards the chin.  Open the stop-cock and allow the coffee solution to flow in .  Within about 2 minutes the bag or bucket will empty leaving a small amount of solution in the tube.  Turn off the stop-cock and slowly pull out the anal tube.  Remain lying on your right side and retain the coffee for 12-15 minutes.  Then go on the toilet for expulsion.

The bucket and tube need to be well cleaned with soap and water after every use.

Caution: seek professional help if unsure.

Enema Equipment

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Bragg – Apple Cider Vinegar, gallon, 1 liquid
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Please read the Site Disclaimer. We are not medical doctors but have used coffee enemas safely and with great success in dealing with specific health issues. You need to consult your own Health Professional before undergoing any detox program or applying any recommendations with respect to your own symptoms or medical condition.This is not a prescription for self-diagnosis or self-medication. Covenantguy and natural detox tips are not responsible for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from use of this information

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Chlorella benefits and heavy metal detoxification

What is Chlorella and what part can it play in natural detoxification?Get Chlorella from Herbspro

Chlorella is a freshwater algae which has a higher chlorophyll content than any other plant including alfalfa.  After the Second World war Japan faced a huge shortage of nutrients and the government there collaborated with the Rockefeller Foundation to grow and harvest chlorella algae on a wide, commercially-viable scale in order to solve this problem  Since then a number of research projects in the U.S and Europe have suggested that it can clean and detoxify cells in the body. It seems to have the ability to neutralize, or otherwise rid the body of, poisons such as mercury accrued from,among other things, the good old amalgam fillings which most of us over 40 can remember our dentists cheerfully filling our teeth cavities with, although some countries like Germany have, we have heard, “severely restricted” their use. Chlorella benefits seem to extend to a wide variety of ailments and conditions and is definitely one of the supplements that should be included in any discussion on natural detox tips.

What are Chlorella benefits?

Chlorella can be very useful in detoxification of the body.  Since most toxins get removed through the stool, and because chlorella binds to the toxins, many natural health researchers and some doctors, believe that chlorella can play a vital role in systemic detoxification.

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