Dietary changes and Chinese herbal remedies

Looking into Chinese alternative medicine for treatment for hemorrhoids

A friend who is a nurse, hearing that I had received little or no help from traditional doctors, suggested I try Chinese alternative medicine and look for a Chinese herbal remedy for the pesky anal skin tags . I went along and explained my predicament to a sprightly old Chinese lady whose English was limited, to say the least. After much gesticulation and

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signs, she realized it was an external hemorrhoid problem, and she summoned a young assistant, who could speak English, and was able to interpret to me what their joint diagnosis was

Dietary changes and chinese herbal remedies for detoxification

"First of all clean your house out"

They asked me to stick out my tongue and seemed to be able to tell a whole lot from that.  They chattered merrily away and then the one with better English began to talk about the subject of diet a lot, and how “Before you build a house, you need to clean it “.   I got the gist: I had been subjecting my body (the “house”) to piles of rubbish (toxic food). As a traveling salesman I would often purchase fast food for its convenience. I had a penchant for curry- my sales partner was Indian!-, as well as fried rice, eggs, bacon…you get the picture.

So I had to deal with this INTERNAL (gastro-intestinal) situation before I would see a change on the outside !  I reflected there was something rather biblical about their admonition, and that it probably applied to other areas of life. A lot of so-called remedies and “cures” for these kind of conditions ignore this, but I notice that in a lot of the health literature I receive, diet is now receiving extra focus. My diet and the stresses of my work-and how I reacted to stresses at work- were just as much problems as the initial coughing fit- or whatever caused the skin tag originally!

As I have also learned, STRESS can be a contributor to toxicity in our body because we can manufacture toxins within our bodies.  It was dawning on me that there was no quick fix to the external hemorrhoid problem, even with using Chinese remedies as a treatment for hemorrhoids. The Chinese doctor mentioned the liver and kidneys as important areas to concentrate on , and showed me that by working on my diet I could improve my chances to get rid of hemorrhoids. I can still hear the old Chinese woman saying “No FIZZEE! No SPICEE!!”, one of the few phrases in her pidgin-English that I understood.

Chinese medicinal herbs and Fargelin

For the next six-to-eight weeks I took some particularly nasty-tasting Chinese medicinal herbs, and had to bathe the affected area with the same herbs.  I was also given a strict diet to follow, which I call “The Chinese Liver diet“.  It was the beginning of my road to restoration-particularly from the external hemorrhoid issue-but also on the route to detoxification.  I first had to see the need for it.  There’s nothing like pain to concentrate the mind!  I will include this diet in this site for those who find it helpful and would like to opt in to receiving it.

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I went on from there to take other Chinese herbal remedies such as Fargelin and these, together with the dietary changes achieved the shrinking, and finally, elimination of the hemorrhoids. Many of these products can be found on the Chinese Herbal Remedies Page here.

There are toxic chemicals in in our air, food and water.  We need pure food and air and water to feel our best.  As I said above, stress itself can be a contributor in that internal toxins are created.  I had to change my diet and start to explore how I could eliminate the hemorrhoid problem and the stress -this is discussed in myBest External Hemorrhoid Treatment blog.  I then had to maintain the new healthy internal situation one I had “cleaned my house”.  This website will discuss in greater detail how this was achieved , and how you can achieve natural detoxification of your body!

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