Heavy Metal Detox:Good Product,or just another Sales Spin?

Heavy Metal Detox certainly is the buzz word right now.  So what exactly is it, what does it mean, and is it actually worth the money?

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Heavy Metal Detox

Always Tired? Moody, Irritable?

A lot of us (the author included) would  not necessarily say they were “sick” but at the same time feel tired and listless on a semi-recurring basis and even have mood swings.  Yet we try to  exercise and eat fruit and vegetables. Why is this, we ask?

Why the Need for HMD Heavy Metal Detox?

Well, let me let you into a little secret – and that’s that no matter where you live, what you eat and how healthy a lifestyle you lead, you can’t help but become exposed to heavy metal toxins.  By heavy metal, I’m talking literally about metals – mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium – the list goes on.

Now, if you had a massive dose of one or more of these you’d be in serious trouble, but what happens in almost 100% of people is that we’re exposed to them in a minor way, with small amounts leeching into our bodies through a variety of ways.  Many people are aware that the old amalgam tooth fillings can be a cause of toxicity.  But there are other ways that heavy metal toxicity occurs.

  • The air we breathe – chemicals released on a daily basis by various industries mean that it’s impossible to avoid heavy metal toxicity
  • Food and drink packaging
  • Skin care products such as anti-perspirants
  • Mediums in which vaccines are injected into the body
  • Pesticide residues from farming in the food we eat (estimated at a terrifying 95% of all foodstuffs!)
  • Salt water fish such as cod, tuna, swordfish and salmon

So What effect does Heavy Metal Toxicity have on the Body?

Chronic heavy metal toxicity can have multiple effects.  These include, but are no way restricted to;

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle twitches
  • Bloating and digestive disorders
  • Candida
  • Weight gain or inability to lose weight

In fact, heavy metal toxins can actually be making you fat!   You see, these toxins are processed by your liver, but if the body can’t cope with the increasing amount of heavy metals they become stored in your fat cells.  The more heavy metal toxins that enter the body, the larger these fat cells grow.

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Of course, your body has a response to that, which is to produce a hormone called leptin.  This hormone tells your brain that your body’s storing too much fat, and in response your body speeds up the metabolism.  But the more fat you gain, the more leptin is produced, overloading the brain and literally forcing it to ignore the messages.  So more fat is stored, more leptin is produced and your body ends up becoming what is called ‘leptin resistant.’

Hence you can’t get rid of the fat – no matter how much you diet or how hard you work out.

HMD (Heavy Metal Detox)

Heavy metal toxicity is probably one of the abundantly chronic conditions of the 21st century.  And most of us aren’t even aware of it!  And that’s where HMD (Heavy Metal Detox), can help.  This 100% natural product is specifically designed to naturally aid your body to get rid of these toxins.

The product comes with a 90 day, no quibble money back guarantee (which is necessary, being as it’s not cheap – a complete heavy metal detoxification pack is around $111 USD).

But if you’re suffering from any underlying conditions such as those I’ve mentioned, then carrying out a heavy metal detox could well be the answer to your problems.  It’s worth a try, seeing as it’s risk free – meaning you’ve only got one thing to lose – and that’s those darn heavy metal toxins.  And you could get something valuable back-your health.

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