Natural Detoxification with Coffee Enemas (2)

Effects of Coffee Enemas

As with other enemas, coffee enemas cause peristalsis and encourage the evacuation of the intestine. Increased bile flow also causes the small intestine to become more alkaline.  Many Health professionals and natural health practitioners agree a more alkaline system is necessary for good health.  So this will improve digestion.

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Another aspect of coffee that is noteworthy is that it has the effect of working like an astringent in the large intestine, assisting cleaning out the walls of the colon.

As stated in our post on Toxic food, one of the main causes of poor health is the production and absorption of toxins within the small and large intestines-usually from poor diet or poor digestion. If food is not digested properly, the sugars end up fermenting and the protein starts to putrefy. This ends up producing toxic chemicals which are then absorbed into your liver.

The coffee enema improves one’s digestion by causing the  bile flow to increase and taking out toxins in the large intestine so they will not be absorbed.  Probably the majority of people with health complaints suffer from impaired digestion and the fact that toxins of some kind are being produced in the intestines.

So why not just drink coffee by the gallon?

benefits of coffee enemasWell, because for a lot of people it just makes you more “hyper” or jittery. My friends told me to avoid drinking it with my particular health condition-but you are different and need to seek your own health advice on that point. I was told to stay off coffee with the external hemorrhoid problem I had, and it does not agree with those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux, or of a nervous disposition. Dr Jerry Walters, a Gerson therapy exponent, tested the effects of coffee taken both rectally and by mouth. He found that, by mouth coffee contains aromatic acids that irritate and often upset the stomach;rectally, these same aromatics “do no harm”. By mouth, he found that coffee tends to raise blood pressure and cramp capillaries in your extremities (e.g the toes)-the same doesn’t apply to coffee taken rectally. Yes, true, coffee taken orally does seem to help with reducing the risk of some diseases like liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, and it has useful antioxidants-but it is addictive! Most people who are used to getting a “caffeine Buzz” report the opposite with a coffee enema-a calming effect. I confirm that too.

The products I used are only available through network marketing unfortunately, and are expensive to order if you live in Australasia , Europe or the States, and ,at this point,unavailable online. So I have researched some alternatives for you (SEE LINK BELOW).

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The above site offers good products, including the enema buckets and related equipment.  Study the information they have available and it will help you decide if a coffee enema will help you in your detox needs.  They have a useful forum which you can participate in.

If you already know about enemas, maybe have your own enema bucket, you may just want to check out other enema products discreetly. This site may then be useful: ShopInPrivateEnemas.

The Optimal Health program-or any other you opt for- may recommend different supplements but it is important to take the right supplements during the period of the detox, and, as frequently stated in our site disclaimer, consult with your doctor first.

What are the benefits of using a coffee enema?

Kristina Amelong, founder of the Optimal Health Network, says in a YouTube video which you can view above: “By doing coffee enemas along with a rebuilding and cleansing program, I have seen my clients regain their health from fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, prostatitis,intestinal disorders, chemical sensitivities, withdrawal from cigarettes, diabetes and many other health imbalances”.

So one can gather from the above that there are health benefits but that you cannot take the coffee enema in isolation. You need to accompany it with a “rebuilding and cleansing program“. When I did my own detox I was taking a Health Drink, a Cleansing Drink – consisting of 1 glass of distilled water, 1 teaspoon of raw honey and a teaspoon of the appropriate herbal laxative powder to cleanse out the colon, and a Tissue-building drink + other supplements. I will endeavor to cover this more fully in future posts, but consult the Optimal Health network for what supplements and detox programme they advise if you decide to do the detox with coffee enemas.

Also, Dr Ralph Moss PH.D says in his widely read, and oft-reprinted newsletter : “In general, coffee enemas are an important tool for physicians who try to detoxify the body. This is not to say they are a panacea. They certainly require much more research. But coffee enemas are serious business: their potential should be explored by good research—not mined for cheap shots at alternative medicine or derisively dismissed as yet another crackpot fad.

I have found it helped with general well-being, and keeping a persistent hemorrhoid problem at bay.  But note: if you have severe hemorrhoids you should avoid a coffee enema or get a properly adapted tube for the enema bucket.

Who should not use coffee enemas?

The list of those who should not undertake a detox program involving coffee enemas, such as those with heart disease is listed in the previous post Coffee Enemas (1).

What sort of coffee should you use for the enemas?

Do not use de-caff. Use only organic coffee which you can get from clicking on the link below or from ShopInPrivateEnemas and specific health stores.


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Please read the Site Disclaimer. I am not a medical doctor but have used coffee enemas safely and with great success. You need to consult your own Health Professional before undergoing any detox program or applying any recommendations with respect to your own symptoms or medical condition.This is not a prescription for self-diagnosis or self-medication.

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A useful site on the Gerson therapy & info on enemas: Gerson Hawaii

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