When to do a body cleanse detox?

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Signs you may need to detoxify your body

Many times people ask:

‘How do I know when it’s time to do a body detox?’

That is a good question because although most people could probably see a great benefit to their  health from a detox, sometimes if you have done this sort of thing before you may in reality be doing another one simply because of the “feel good factor” you experienced last time.

So, what signs will your body give? Normally it will be in the form
of symptoms which could be any of the following:

– Frequent fatigue and low energy
– Flatulence, gas &; bloated feeling
– Excess weight
– Food allergies
– Impaired digestion
– Irritability, mood swings
– Halitosis (bad breath) & foul-smelling stools
– Parasites in stool
– If you regularly get colds
– Recurring headaches
– Chronic constipation
– Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)-see cause of IBS here
– Protruding belly (“pooch”)
– Strong food cravings
– Skin problems, rashes, etc.
– Metallic taste in mouth
– Hemorrhoids
Yeast infections

Obviously in between cleanses or natural detox programs ,whether it’s involving coffee enemas or colon cleansing with a product like Bowtrol or using a juice detox and dietary-based body cleanse detox such as Jenelle Jordan’s BASIC BODY DETOX, you want to keep your body as healthy as you can.  But with the best will in the world, we’re all exposed to toxins and a certain amount will get in to you through your food and environmental factors, and this will build up over time.

If you start feeling the symptoms again, it’s your body most likely telling you it is  time for a detox. Obviously the better you are at keeping your body clean in between detoxes, the longer you will be able to last not having one. By doing your best to avoid harmful chemicals, you can defer the detox program and cleansing juice fasts and other fasts for longer.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no set timeframe you need to detox .  Just by paying attention to
your body, you’ll know when you need to remove toxins again. It’s likely you’ll begin to anticipate a schedule that works well for you and your body so you can properly plan ahead.

So I strongly recommend a good,safe starter product if you are new to detoxifying your body and detox programs;and if you follow natural detoxification regularly, you will still find it worthwhile and helpful: get hold of your copy of “Basic Body Detox” today and discover the simple toxin removal secrets that help give you increased energy radiant skin and better health. You’ll learn everything you need to know and get a couple of awesome bonus gifts when you order today.  Jenelle Jordyn guarantees it 100% so all the risk is on her. Go here now:

Here’s to more energy and better health…

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Coffee enema instructions

How to do a coffee enema

Where to Buy Coffee Enema Kits

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People sometimes ask me about how to do a coffee enema.  It would depend a little on the program or course of treatment you follow, but in general I think the procedure is fairly similar and simple.  This is just the procedure I follow in administering a coffee enema.  Remember as we say in our disclaimer always consult your doctor first before using any enemas. If you are using a certain health company’s protocol, such as those mentioned in our other articles on Coffee Enemas then follow their instructions carefully.

Basic Coffee Enema Instructions

In the program I followed this is how I do a coffee enema:

Preparing the Coffee:

I add 3 heaped teaspoons of the Organic Enema coffee to 2-4 regular cups or glasses (500 ml-1 litre) of distilled water.  It must be pure,distilled water.  Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes.  Strain and let cool to body temperature.  (Test with a finger knuckle-solution must not be too hot or too cold)

The amount of distilled water used for boiling the coffee really depends on your body size and mass and your ability to retain the coffee.  I am quite slim and find 2 glasses (500 ml) quite sufficient.  The volume of water should not exceed 1 litre, and note that the final solution will be less than the original volume of water used.

If you find it difficult to hold the coffee in, then use only two glasses of distilled water to prepare the coffee.  Add one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to the solution before administering the enema to help in the retention.

Administration of Enema

Pour Prepared coffee solution into an Enema bag or Bucket (you can get these from the links below).  With my model, I open the stop-cock and allow the coffee solution to come down and fill the enema tube.  If using the enema bag, ensure there are no bubbles left in the enema tube by lifting the tube above the bag and then lowering it slowly till the coffee solution fills the tube.  Turn off the stop-cock.  Hang the Enema bag or bucket (again you need to follow the instructions of your program-this is simply what I do with mine) 18-24 inches above the body as you lie on the floor ( I use a clothes hanger on the door handle but you could place it on a bench).

Lubricate the anal tube with Vitamin E cream.  For adults, you insert the anal tube 3-4 cm into the anus*.  Lie down on the right side with both knees pulled forward towards the chin.  Open the stop-cock and allow the coffee solution to flow in .  Within about 2 minutes the bag or bucket will empty leaving a small amount of solution in the tube.  Turn off the stop-cock and slowly pull out the anal tube.  Remain lying on your right side and retain the coffee for 12-15 minutes.  Then go on the toilet for expulsion.

The bucket and tube need to be well cleaned with soap and water after every use.

Caution: seek professional help if unsure.

Enema Equipment

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Bragg – Apple Cider Vinegar, gallon, 1 liquid
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Chlorella benefits and heavy metal detoxification

What is Chlorella and what part can it play in natural detoxification?Get Chlorella from Herbspro

Chlorella is a freshwater algae which has a higher chlorophyll content than any other plant including alfalfa.  After the Second World war Japan faced a huge shortage of nutrients and the government there collaborated with the Rockefeller Foundation to grow and harvest chlorella algae on a wide, commercially-viable scale in order to solve this problem  Since then a number of research projects in the U.S and Europe have suggested that it can clean and detoxify cells in the body. It seems to have the ability to neutralize, or otherwise rid the body of, poisons such as mercury accrued from,among other things, the good old amalgam fillings which most of us over 40 can remember our dentists cheerfully filling our teeth cavities with, although some countries like Germany have, we have heard, “severely restricted” their use. Chlorella benefits seem to extend to a wide variety of ailments and conditions and is definitely one of the supplements that should be included in any discussion on natural detox tips.

What are Chlorella benefits?

Chlorella can be very useful in detoxification of the body.  Since most toxins get removed through the stool, and because chlorella binds to the toxins, many natural health researchers and some doctors, believe that chlorella can play a vital role in systemic detoxification.

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A coffee enema detox diary

coffee enema detox diary

coffee enema detox diary:picture by Ambrozjo (sxc)

This week I decided to take a few days aside to do my semi-annual detox program and liver cleansing (yes, I do also follow the natural detox tips that I share with my readers!).  I usually use coffee enemas as part of the detox program, as I have found them very effective.  Readers are often interested in practical examples of using these types of enemas. so here is a short diary.

Privately, I am always slightly apprehensive when I come to do the liver cleansing with coffee enemas , which includes a cleansing fast where I do not eat any meat or dairy or yeast products: I always think that I’m going to faint at work or not be able to reach the end of the day without the usual snacks and solid food.  But ,time and gain, I’m amazed how I have managed to get through to the end of the week “intact”, and with energy to spare.  That’s, I believe, because I use supplements with the coffee enemas, as recommended by the natural detoxification program I follow.  Things such as Super Green food, like the Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula, 600- Grams (60-Servings) and “tissue-building” drinks-you need to supplement properly if you are going on any detox program or diet.

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Are coffee enemas safe?

Are Coffee Enemas safe?

Are Coffee Enemas safe

Some people  have taken coffee enemas daily for years without experiencing  problems.  I can only

For A Safer Detox with Coffee Enemas Click here

say that I am a recent enthusiastic convert to them, have used coffee enemas as part of my health regimen intermittently over a two year period, and up to now I have had no problems-only seeing the benefits.  However, one thing I have learned, is they need to be performed correctly.

As the site disclaimer will tell you I am not a medical doctor, so obviously we always advise that it is a good idea to check with your Health Professional first before using coffee enemas (and it would help to find someone who actually knows about using coffee enemas, to start with!).  Having said that, I have personally consulted with a few people more knowledgeable than me on the subject of natural detox tips and coffee enemas, and the following are my findings.  As in most health matters, you need to pay attention to your body and your own state of health, and be informed about what you are doing…

Kristina Amelong of the Optimal Health Network recommends doing a full colon cleanse before having coffee enemas. For a colon cleanse we would recommend something like Ultimate Colon Cleanse or Dr Floras. See the page on Best Colon Cleanse.  Ian Solley, an author in this field advises: “Just a word of caution: .. be careful …(in advising the practice of)…coffee enemas without first doing two weeks of butyrate and peppogest to help liquify the bile sludge in the gall bladder that can occur in some people. If this is not done then you risk actually blocking the bile ducts.”  So although I am not a user of his particular detox product, you may want to consider his advice, as he has a lot of experience in this field.

As I say, I have personally used coffee enemas for a while safely (without taking the two supplements mentioned above) and have not had untoward side effects.  Also, it was made absolutely clear to me on the coffee enemas/detox program I followed, from both the program author, and my friend who coached me on their use, that one should not do the enemas in isolation:the program required you to use supplements. I believe it is essential that you supplement with the right vitamins and minerals and Super green food (which you can get from this site) when you are doing the coffee enemas, otherwise you may get dehydrated and dizzy, apart from any other side effects.  On my natural detox program involving coffee enemas I drank plenty of natural juices and only distilled water in my drinks.  I have read that drinking orange or pineapple juice just before taking the enemas should help with the “electrolytes”.

To learn more about safety of enemas, I wrote to the company in Malaysia, whose detox program I have used (and highly recommend), and one of their team told me  People who intend to do the gallbladder flush (flushing out the gall stones) must do the stones softening for 2 weeks prior to the flush. It is utmost important as unsoftened stones may cause blockage in the duct while being flush out. As for coffee enema, you don’t need to worry”  The gentleman who wrote to me has a BSc in Nutrition but I noted their site also advised you also do check with a Healthcare practitioner.  (By the way I am not advocating or talking about a gallbladder flush in this article.  That is something different).

What are some Side Effects of Coffee Enemas?

Can result in caffeine dependence if taken without care and too much.
* Pregnant or nursing and children should not have coffee enemas.
* If you suffer from some ailments like diverticular disease, Crohn’s disease, congestive heart failure, intestinal tumors and similar ailments you should not have coffee enemas.
* Excessive enemas may cause dehydration.

Opponents of coffee enemas say that coffee enemas pose a potential danger to the rectum, since bowel perforation has been linked to hard insertion devices. However, at the Gerson-oriented clinics, they use a short nozzle, which is not likely to inflict any harm. The one I use is supposed to be inserted only two inches or so. It should be properly lubricated with something like Vitamin E cream. Dr. N. Gonzalez, a proponent of coffee enemas, advocates a soft rubber tube.

Critics often mention the deaths of two Seattle women, which were attributed to fluid and electrolyte abnormalities, following enema overuse. One woman took up to 12 coffee enemas in a single night and then continued at a rate of one per hour. The other took four enemas daily.  To me that sounds fairly ludicrous-but, again, I’m not a doctor, so who am I to say?!  I took two coffee enemas a day only for one period of 6 days and that felt like it was more than sufficient!   Obviously, common sense should prevail in any procedure.

In a coffee enema, the coffee has to be of the regular caffeinated kind and all the reliable sources I have read say it should be organic. The coffee should be about half the strength of coffee used for drinking, and should be served warm, not so hot as to hurt tender tissues, but not so cold that it will bring on cramps.
Kristina Amelong of the Optimal Health Network, responded to my query on the safety of her enemas with this assurance:” In the 12 years of working with colon cleansing, I have never come across it being a health hazard with the proper attention to the details as I have laid them out in my article on Using Enemas Safely. (to view this click on the link below and go to the article): Visit Optimal Health Network for Coffee Enemas

Dr Lawrence Wilson M.D says:”I quickly saw the benefits of coffee enemas. They heal the colon, remove many toxins from the liver and colon, reduce pain and many symptoms of toxicity, and often increase mental clarity as well.”

Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S., a pioneering anti-cancer researcher, who managed to add years to his life after being diagnosed at an early age with pancreatic cancer, said this of coffee enemas, which were a key part of his anti-cancer regimen: “The coffee enema is very stimulating to the liver and is the greatest aid in elimination of the liver’s toxic wastes…The coffee enema, besides stimulating liver detoxification, also has beneficial effects in cleaning the colon…The proper removal of toxins and debris from the colon is absolutely essential in all conditions of disease and ill health.”

For those interested, he wrote the well-known self-help book: One Answer to Cancer, first published in 1967, and an updated edition, Cancer: Curing the Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation (2001).  For Cancer:Curing the Incurable click here

So there you have it-coffee enemas have, I believe, and from what you can learn yourself from the above and other sources, a very significant role in healing and preventing disease and you should not let concerns and fears about the safety of using them (often caused by lack of information or mis-information) outweigh the coffee enemas’ benefits, as I believe these to be substantial.

For more information, and to find out more about Optimal Health Network’s detox program and their coffee enemas click on link below and then on the tab “coffee enemas”

Visit Optimal Health Network for Coffee Enemas

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