Supplements and Exercise to Assist Natural Detoxification

Supplements and Other Considerations when doing a Detoxification Program

Supplements and Exercise for Natural DetoxificationAs you embark on your natural detox,natural detoxification program,liver detox or body detox, you will no doubt be advised, or become aware, of the fact that you need to take some kind of supplements with the program, as well as look after the fitness aspect.  With supplements we of course recommend natural health supplements and natural food supplements when your aim is to detoxify the body or do something like a liver detox.

Why take supplements When Doing a Liver Detox?

The goal of good natural detoxification program is to eliminate toxins from the body.  Toxins can enter your body both externally (for example from polluted air around us) or internally (for example from processed food).

Exercise causes you to sweat and any products that help you to excrete toxins through the sweat, such as a fitness rebounder, are useful adjuncts to any detoxification program.

If you are using coffee enemas it is a good idea to do a colon cleanse first-so says Kristina Amelong a long-time practitioner of enemas, as mentioned in the post safety of coffee enemas.

Also natural food supplements are very important, because as discussed in the same post, the electrolytes in your body need to be replaced when doing natural detoxification with coffee enemas.

When I do the periodic natural liver detox with coffee enemas I will typically take the following supplements.  Firstly,a cleansing drink consisting of a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of honey and a large teaspoon of a psyllium product that is used for cleansing out the colon (similar to this Intestinal Cleanser With Psyllium #9 10 oz) , all mixed in a glass of warm slightly heated distilled water.   This is followed by a  drink that assists in tissue building, consisting of Spirulina by AmerMed - 60 Capsules3 teaspoons of spirulina powder (or 3 tablets if in tablet form) and, of course, pure distilled water which has been slightly warmed up. Along with this (after the coffee enemas are administered) I take a health drink consisting of a mixture of carrots and apple juice made in a good juicer such as the Breville 800jexl Juicer.  You then mix with one sachet of Super Green food. You can get this online from places like House of Nutrition.

As part of my regular liver detox with coffee enemas I always drink only pure, distilled water and juices as well as apple cider vinegar with the actual herbal cleansing products that cleanse out the colon whilst I do the detox.  If you cannot afford a water filter then just buy distilled, pure water from a relevant health store or supermarket.  The distilled water is necessary for the coffee enema solution (remember organic coffee only) but is also needed with all the drinks you take during the period of the detox as all the impurities can be flushed out and your body has a chance to recover from the normal foods you have been feeding it.  Juicers are also a great idea.  You don’t want the sweetened,preservative- added stuff from your local supermarket.

At any time during the detox you may also take natural,unsweetened yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of flax seed oil.  The actual diet you follow will depend on what detox program you follow but you can assume that a good program will only recommend natural foods during the detoxification program and immediately after.

Using a Fitness Rebounder

Using a rebounder mini trampoline is an easy way to exercise and it is good for endurance, muscle mass, bone density, circulation, and a lot more.  I don’t like boring trips to the gym and was advised to get one.  You can use it in your office if the ceilings are tall enough!

NASA apparently have done a study on their returning astronauts to find out the best ways to strengthen them post-mission, and they concluded that rebounding is 68% more efficient than jogging when compared to jogging on a treadmill, as well as being safer.  They found that the G-force was almost identical at the angle, back and forehead, “and well below the rupture threshold”. They also found that jogging is much riskier as it focuses most of the stress of impact on the ankle and knee when the foot hits the ground, which naturally will greatly increase the risk of injuries.

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By exercising regularly (and with an urban rebounder you could do it even in your home or office) and supplementing with essential nutrients you protect your body from unwelcome side-effects and consequences when you embark on your natural detoxification program.

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