Is it OK to Take Coffee Enemas with High Blood Pressure?

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The title of this article was a question I asked myself after a doctor diagnosed high blood pressure when I was teaching overseas.  I had, up to then, regularly enjoyed the benefits of coffee enemas in cleansing my liver of toxins and impurities.  Now I wasn’t sure-wouldn’t coffee (which is not good for those on high blood pressure) further affect the blood pressure?

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I was not able to do proper research as I was busy trying to recover from the stressful  teaching situation I found myself in, and did not have a lot of spare time anyway to research properly.  I spoke to the natural health specialist who had originally recommended the use of coffee enemas to me and she said that since the major function of the enemas was to detoxify the liver, it should not affect me.  I also saw in the publication from the company that I originally got the enemas from, that many cases of people having high blood pressure had been helped by using the enemas.  The publication about detoxification using the coffee enemas also recommended lowering the normal three tablespoons of coffee used for the enema solution to two + to throw in an organic chamomile tea bag for those with worries about it affecting their blood pressure.

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Thus emboldened I proceeded to have my first enema in at least six months. I did use the chamomile tea bag. Lo and behold I did not have the anticipated racing heart or any untoward effects.  I felt okay the next day too, after taking the supplements for natural detoxification that I wrote about in an earlier post.

However the following week when I had an enema, I did experience some racing of heart symptoms so I discontinued the enemas.  When I went for a checkup finally with my doctor my blood pressure was down from what it had been when I was overseas and he took me off the blood pressure medication for ten days asking me to come back to see what the blood pressure was doing.   Result after ten days:my blood pressure as still normal so I was able to come off the medication.

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So I can say I certainly benefited from taking the enemas in the past and and have answered my own question. I will need to probably write a further article or update on whether the coffee enemas actually help reduce high blood pressure but that will have to wait until I return to the potentially stressful environment of completing my teaching stint and then, on return to my home country, visit my own doctor again to check me over and take my blood pressure as I do not own any blood pressure monitors for home use.

In a commentator days: “I have not taken a coffee enema for a few months because I was worried about raising my blood pressure which is under control, i.e. less than 120/70. But, I just did a quart of coffee for 20 minutes and checked my b.p. several times during the waiting period. It did rise somewhat to about 140/85 max. Possibly part of this was the fact that enemas tend to be stimulating and perhaps somewhat sensual…not the reason that I do them. I enjoy them for the way they make me feel healthy and refreshed. So enjoy!” in response to the thread on “Blood pressure and Coffee enemas” (paraphrased for space)

In the same thread somebody refers to the book Detoxify or Die
by Sherry Rogers.  I just read the summary in Amazon where the reviewer says “There is now no question that accumulated toxins are behind nearly every disease, symptom, injury and malfunction of the body.”  I say a hearty Amen to that and will look at adding this book to my library.

As I am not a doctor ,though, I would say that you should advise your doctor when taking the enemas, do not discontinue any medication you nay be taking and let the doctor adjust your high blood pressure medication as he sees fit.


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