Eat All Natural Foods and Avoid Food Poisoning

Why A Natural Food Diet is the Way to Go

A detox diet, heavy metal detoxification or at the very least a natural food diet  maybe what you need if you, like many Americans, are exposed to pathogens in your food. According to a 2009 New York Times report even the major food manufacturers are unable to vouch for the safety of our food. As the report states:


“In addition to ConAgra, other food giants like Nestlé and the Blackstone Group, a New York firm that acquired the Swanson and Hungry-Man brands years ago, concede that they cannot ensure the safety of items — from frozen vegetables to pizzas — and that they are shifting the burden to the consumer.

Beware :No-One Can Vouch for Your Food Safety

Food producers and manufacturers are simply not able to vouch for the safety of food delivered to you simply because there are too many players and entry points for microbes.  Some of them don’t even do their own testing.  So groups like the Grocery Manufacturers Association say it is “not practical,” to check on all the food. For one thing most of them don’t know who all the companies are that provide all the ingredients!

On top of these safety concerns, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only inspects domestic food production facilities once every five to 10 years, while foreign facilities get looked at even less, according to the Consumers Union.

This is obviously not up to scratch as 2/3 of Americans surveyed said  the FDA should inspect domestic and foreign food-processing facilities at least once a month.

Other problems that Americans are having to consider now are the worries over lower and lower food quality due to:

  • Genetic modification
  • Irradiation of foods
  • Pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other additives thrown in during the growing period
  • Mass-production and unsanitary and inhumane agricultural practices

That number on the side of your pizza box indicating temperature?  That isn’t a suggestion- it is the ONLY temperature that is apparently safe for that food to be eaten and tests have shown not all food e.g pies- cook evenly.

Some food manufacturers take the “kill step” and nuke the food to kill every possible microbe and in so doing make the food tasteless and of little nutritional value.

So what to do?  Well the first thing is to educate yourself as to where your food comes from.  One site I looked at recommended you visit which will point you in the right direction to find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other places you can buy safe and sustainably grown food in your area.

Why Eat Organic?

You may want to consider organic farming methods or even finding out more about how to build a raised garden bed , for example.  If your food is organically and has a good source you obviously will not need to nuke it to death, it will not be processed and so will have less toxins or at least minimal toxins from the environment and other sources and will be nutritious.

Total Wellness Cleanse You may want to consider a total wellness cleanse like Yuri Elkaim’s which is the only guided cleanse of its kind in America and one that uses all natural foods. What’s good about the Total Wellness Cleanse is that it offers keys to “take out the trash” from your (toxic) body.

He points out that although the U.S spends a huge amount on healthcare (about a quarter of its budget I seem to remember he said-but have not checked this recently though) it only ranks 74th in the world in terms of overall public health, behind countries like Albania.  He puts it down to our western diet which helps you to store fat and introduces modern chemicals that poison our bodies;as he says, a lot of the diseases we are getting today (including cancer) our ancestors (even 100 years ago) hardly ever fell prey to as they enjoyed natural whole foods and did not need to concern themselves with detoxifying the body as we do today.

I have taken up a job in a new country recently (in Asia) and am finding it really hard to find healthy ingredients in the megalopolis I now live in.  But I am making it a priority.

If your condition is really bad and you have a toxic body you may need to consider something like a heavy metal detox along with following a natural detox foods diet.

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