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Natural Detoxification using Coffee Enemas

Through suffering from hemorrhoids and experiencing a lot of discomfort through that, I was looking for Natural Detox tips and natural colon cleansing programs (amongst other things) so that I did not need to keep having to look for creams,ointments or pills to alleviate a problem that (I was discovering) had internal origins, and probably caused, or aggravated,  to a large extent by stress and wrong diet choices.

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The hemorrhoid problem made me aware of the wider health issues, and realized I had some way still to go in my journey of finding out how to detoxify your body. (You may want to read a previous post on this subject: Toxic food and Natural colon cleansing). By the grace of God, I came in touch with a couple in my church who told me about a great Natural Detoxification  program which they had discovered back home in Singapore. The detox program involved using COFFEE ENEMAS , and they said one additionally needed to go on a special diet whilst detoxing one’s body from TOXINS that had previously built up in the body.

The concept of a coffee enema seemed strange to me, but I knew my friends were reliable people , and their credibility was enhanced by them both having used the products, some of which they shared with me for free to get started. Both of them were in their early 50’s, but looked like early 40-year-olds, and had energy to spare!

Who pioneered the coffee enema detox?

In my research on coffee enemas, I found out that scientists in Germany in the 1920’s had discovered that a caffeine solution could open the bile ducts and stimulate bile production in the liver in animals that were being used in lab experiments. Dr. Max Gerson used this in a clinical situation as part of a general detoxification procedure, initially for T.B, and later for cancer.  Coffee enemas apparently feature in all the most important nursing textbooks throughout the 1950s; and they were listed in the Merck Medical Manual until about 1976.

Dr Gerson was a pioneer for nutritional therapy for cancer and other disease and seems to have had impressive results. You can read more in his book: A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer.  His theory was that caffeine will travel up the hemorroidal to the portal vein and thereon to the liver itself. He discovered-and documented-some pretty eye-opening effects to this procedure.

He noticed, for example, that patients who began using these enemas no longer needed pain-killers. It also produced a “calming effect”. Coffee enemas can relieve constipation but Gerson did say that their primary purpose “was not given for the function of the intestines but for the stimulation of the liver.”  The dilation of the bile duct has the effect of draining toxins from the liver and increasing the production of an enzyme called G.S.T which helps to remove toxins and free radicals from the blood.

Although there has been derision and criticism of coffee enemas in some quarters, there has been some scientific backing to the above and to Gerson’s theory.  Apart form the Gerson Institute research, apparently Dr Wattenberg and some colleagues in 1981 were able to show that some substances found in coffee do indeed cause an increase in the production of G.S.T.  Then there are the ordinary human testimonies.  Thousands have reported relief or even healing from serious diseases through using programs that include the coffee enema detox, such as Dr Lynn Tan‘s ( she is a Naturopath and Health Seminar speaker) Detoxification and Rejuvenation programme.  When choosing a program it is important to choose one with a reasonable track record, gives clear Coffee Enema Instructions on use, and that also offers or recommends  nutritional supplements as these are needed when doing the enemas.

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The above site will provide you with some good products, particularly regarding the enema buckets and related equipment.  I am not able to endorse all their products, which seem to the unacquainted to be slightly “New Age”- such as “color therapy glasses”-but that is because the products I used were from a different company that does not at present sell online, and you are free to pick and choose which products you like anyway.  Read the information on their site carefully and you then can make your own informed decisions.  They have a forum which you will find useful and they give testimonials from people who have said they experienced great relief through their coffee enema detox and Natural Detoxification and colon cleansing programs.

One thing that is advisable is that you cleanse the colon out before doing the coffee enema detox. You are wanting to ensure that the liver and lymphatic system have no hindrance in doing their job. The colon cleansing product we recommend is the Ultimate Colon Cleanse.  If you suffer from heavy metal toxicity then we strongly suggest a product like Heavy Metal Detox first.

Who should not use coffee enemas?

People with certain conditions e.g heart disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticular disease, severe hemorrhoids, disease of the blood vessels, congestive heart failure, heart disease, severe anemia, abdominal hernia, gastro-intestinal cancer, recent colon surgery, and intestinal tumours should avoid coffee enemas. Also pregnant women are not advised to use them.

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A useful site on the Gerson therapy & info on enemas: Gerson Hawaii
Related reading (U.K readers) : A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer
Enemas. The Merck Manual. 10th ed. Available at: Accessed May 25, 2010

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Why I am a fan of natural detoxification

Natural Detoxification and Natural Colon Cleansing Tips

Natural Detox Tips

Hi!  This is John from “Natural Detox tips“.  I stumbled into the whole subject of  Natural Detoxification and Natural Colon cleansing as a result of a great deal of pain and personal suffering as a result of developing painful hemorrhoids symptoms. Thus, albeit unwanted and uninvited as the situation was, I began my personal research into the subject of Natural detox tips and what actually makes the body sick.

In the process I discovered some interesting information which we will endeavor to share with you.  One thing soon became apparent: hemorrhoids were not the root issue-the root was the toxic build-up in my body caused in large part by toxic food.  I always thought that toxins came from excess alcohol intake or smoking-I was to discover you can become toxic and develop ailments like chronic fatigue symptoms simply by eating “normal western food”!

External hemorrhoid_thrombosed hemorroid_anal skin tags treatment

Many nagging modern so-called illnesses,aches and chronic conditions I believe are never properly dealt with by our western drugs-based medical system.  Actually, I found, it was more helpful to classify them as diseases-at least in my vocabulary:because they produce “dis-ease” (the absence of ease and enjoyment in life, which I believe God originally intended all people to have).

Secondly, these modern illnesses-and not so modern-such as hemorrhoids, sinusitis, fat problems and obesity weak sexual response etc etc etc have their roots in WHAT WE EAT.  In Western Medicine one finds a less-than-holistic approach to diagnosing illness.  A problem occurs e.g constipation, and pills are prescribed, without looking at other factors e.g the patient seldom or never exercises.  Even as a Christian I have noticed that many fellow Christians often tend to spiritualize away basic practical truths from the Word of God; it is perhaps timely to remind you,  if you are in that habit, of  Derek Prince’s maxim: he always used to say “If it isn’t practical, it isn’t spiritual”.

Benefits of fasting

The Bible actually says “Eat what is good” and advocates FASTING, a practice very often ignored by many church goers-and yet practised for centuries by Indian, Chinese herbal and other natural health practitioners!  And yet fasting is very beneficial and I will relate to that again when talking about natural colon cleansing and other beneficial detoxification methods recommended on this web site.

Most diseases begin in the colon!

Even the British Medical Association has made a statement that “the vast majority of disease begins in the colon.” In fact the Royal Academy of Physicians in Great Britain has determined that no less than 90% of all disease is in one way or another related to an unhealthy colon due to what builds up inside. Such fecal congestion makes wonderful breeding ground for toxin build-up, not to mention parasites. In such a situation the right colon cleanse becomes essential.

External hemorrhoid problem

In 2006 I had a bad cough and felt a tearing sensation somewhere “down under”. I ignored this but over the next few days it developed itchiness and discomfort. I had been taking long-distance car trips as a sales person, and thought it might be a fungal infection, and at first tried anti-fungal creams, but to no effect. I went to the doctor and he said it was anal pruritis and prescribed more cream and metamucil as a high-fibre additive to my cereals.

This had very little effect so the next step was an appointment with the proctologist. After paying out a reasonably large chunk of that week’s commission to hear the expert, his conclusion was that it was an anal skin tag.  He concluded that he was not sure if there was anything that could “guarantee an outcome and that, in many situations, nature is just as effective in dealing with some of these problems” (Italics mine).

I read the notes afterwards that he had made: he said I had made the decision to continue with “conservative measures and see whether, with time, the skin tag did resolve” or “if it got worse, perhaps contemplate local anesthetic excision” (I can’t recall telling him this, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt!) . “He is aware” (the doctor wrote on my report) of “the very real possibility that not all the symptoms will be resolved even after excision”.

I thought, on leaving his office, that this was nothing but professional, self-protective language that so many of our medical experts offer those with chronic conditions these days , but it basically left me with no answer and $X poorer.  To be fair-he was doing his job, but that was the limit of the help I would receive from him.

Since he couldn’t guarantee surgery would work, I resolved to explore the natural alternatives.  This website and the products that are recommended on it, are the result of my research and my own trial-and-error methods of finding what worked and what didn’t.  I discovered that my body needed detoxification-see my squidoo lens on external hemorrhoids and the posts about using coffee enemas .  After nearly two years of following Natural Detox tips I am happy to report I am not bothered with hemorrhoids, pruritis, or general tiredness any more (unless I’ve worked too hard that week or failed to follow “the program”)-in which case I go back and redo some of the basics-which I will share with you.  I am a fan of natural detoxification!  Keep checking back!

Have a great day!

John from Natural Detox Tips,

Staff writer.

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Disclaimer:please note the site disclaimer at the base of this page:the health information presented in this web site is intended to inform and educate. It is not intended to replace a qualified medical practitioner to diagnose or treat medical conditions.