What are the Long term Benefits of Coffee Enemas?

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One of my readers asks the question in  a previous article “A Coffee Enema Detox Diary” -“what have you found are the long term benefits of coffee enemas that you have experienced?”  This article is an attempt to answer that question.

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I think, as long as you don’t go overboard with them, there are definite long-term benefits. The first is an increase in energy. As you cleanse out the toxins from your body, particularly the liver area-and a good colon cleanse is sometimes also necessary-with the coffee enemas, you are giving your body some breathing space.

I am now 50 an find I have a lot more energy than I did at 45, when I was beginning to suffer the unwanted effects of toxic build-up in my body. Stress, not drinking or cigarettes, was the main cause, so if I had engaged in those two activities too, I believe my condition would have been a lot worse.

The other thing is that I believe your mental capabilities are enhanced, although since I am not a doctor, I can’t prove this has anything to do with the coffee enemas but any people say this who take organic coffee enemas.

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Kimchi anyone?

But it is important to remember that it wasn’t just coffee enemas that brought about my current state. I also changed my diet-as I realized I had a toxic body from a combination of fast food, fizzy drinks and the stress of being a salesman and main breadwinner. At this present time I am in Korea where they eat almost no fat.

Meat is hugely expensive,the bread tastes pretty bland and horrible (most Koreans don’t eat it) and I don’t drink a lot of milk these days (like the Koreans) so diet -wise I am probably inadvertently also following a good diet solution.  Their local favorite, kimchi (fermented cabbage) has got some health benefits similar to probiotics (I am told by my Korean friend-who is not a doctor either, and I have not been able to research this).  By the way- kimchi so far has had no perceived health benefits  for me-it tastes vile but I will eat it if I am served it!

Also I try to exercise with an high intensity workout 2 or 3 times a week. It sounds dramatic, but basically I do a few fitness routines at home and run up a hill near my house and climb wearily down!

If I feel (and you do get to feel in yourself after a while of taking coffee enemas) slightly groggy and “gluggy” in my insides (by which I mean the liver and kidneys) I either fast a meal or two and take some apple cider vinegar with hot water or I take a coffee enema or two and that usually makes me feel better.

I think the other benefit of this kind of lifestyle is that you keep your insides clean. I have had virtually no diarrhea since living in Korea, after being told I could expect it as an automatic thing as a visitor. Oh , And avoid the local tap water if you live in most major cities of the world, including Seoul, where everybody seems to have bottled water to drink! I want to avoid heavy metals poisoning which might necessitate a heavy metals detox, something one should consider if you are always feeling lethargic,you’ve been to the doctor and eliminated other possibilities and still find that nothing seems to shake it (even exercise) -especially if it is the case that you also have mercury fillings in your mouth.

So yes-there are health benefits to coffee enemas but not in isolation. I also keep a supply of organic enema coffeeon hand for my liver detox. and ensure the enema bucket is clean and I have a supply of organic coffee for enemas. And I also try and eat well and exercise

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