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Natural colon cleansing:cleansing the colon from toxic food

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One of the areas I was directed to when I was attempting to rid myself of the external hemorrhoid problem , was the whole area of diet-especially toxic food. For many years I was blessed in that I was able to eat just about anything, and because I am naturally slim and try to do moderate exercise, and don’t smoke, I did not put on much weight. But even slim people can be unhealthy and I was unhealthy because of a toxic colon which was caused by toxic food. There are toxic chemicals in in our air, food and water.  We need pure food and air and water to do our best.

If your body is free of toxins, mucus, poisons and dead cells it will obviously be stronger, healthier and have more energy. I was eating things like deep fried chips, Kentucky Fried chicken and drank fizzy drinks on the road (as I was a sales person). When I did make food for the trip I would often like to make fried rice with anchovies! It doesn’t take a lot of medical knowledge to tell you that I had a problem with toxic food and that it would affect my health if I didn’t make changes e.g with a colon cleansing diet. Fortunately I met the right people and asked the right questions.

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After using Chinese herbal remedies, I experienced some relief and then a greater victory was won once I started on a liver cleansing diet-as explained in External hemorrhoid causes and cure-and embarked on a Detoxification program. The Natural detoxification program revitalized my digestive organs,liver,gallbladder and kidneys. I will go in more detail into the use of enemas- which was a significant part of that-in a subsequent post.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of a toxic colon?

These can be headaches, allergies, skin problems, digestive problems, blocked sinuses, insomnia, depression,anxiety,fatigue,nervousness, aches and pain, having a lot of colds, nausea,constipation and, er, yes:hemorrhoids- to name just a few.

Every tissue in the body is fed by the bloodstream which is supplied by the bowel.  When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so are the organs and tissues.  It is the bowel that must be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.”- Dr Bernard Jensen, pioneering naturopathic physician and master herbalist.

Let’s begin with the colon which is one of the most important eliminative organs we have, since most (over 80%) of all diseases begin here.  What good is eating all the best foods, taking herbs and vitamins if the nutrients are not getting through a clogged-up, constipated colon?   The most ideal transit time of food entering the mouth to the toilet is 18 to 24 hours.  The average transit time is 3 days! Good bowel function is moving those bowels 2-3 times a day. If we have 3 meals a day and only move the bowels once, one has to ask:where are the other meals? When we don’t “go regularly” the faecal matter sticks to your colon walls.

This can cause you to poison yourself-technical term “auto-intoxification”- because the toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream.  This fecal matter eventually hardens and this becomes a breeding round for parasites and unhealthy bacteria.  Why do obese people eat so much? One reason: the nutrients can’t get through the blocked walls of the colon, so their bodies continue to say “Feed me!  feed me!”.  After a colon cleanse (colonic or using an enema), many obese people lose weight and their appetite reverts to a more normal one, since now the nutrients are finally getting where they need to go!

What is healthy colon cleansing food and what do I take in a colon cleansing diet?

The following are some healthy options to detoxify your body.  I need to point out that the natural detox program I used involved the use of a coffee enema-which will be discussed in other posts-and it required taking supplements and many of the foods mentioned below.  The purpose was to cleanse the blood and liver, and a herbal laxative was used for removing encrustations in the colon.  Do not rush into any colon cleansing detox (particularly) ,or colon cleansing diet, ,as it could be a shock to your system, and certainly consult with your Health Professional before doing so (see our site disclaimer).  Jenelle Jordyn’s Basic Body Detox is a good program (see below) and in it you will learn the difference between a Basic body detox and colon cleansing.

* Fruit-by eating only fruit prior to midday, we can assist the body during its “natural cleansing cycle” as some natural health writers have described it.  Eating any other food during the natural cleansing cycle can inhibit cleansing while the body is forced to re-expend its energies on digesting

*fruit digests faster than other foods so eat fruit first so that it will not putrefy while other foods are being digested.


One of the things I was advised to get to compensate for all the years of toxic food I had eaten, was a Juicer. This is because my Singaporean friend recommended it, but also because juice was part of the detoxification program I was following anyway. A good quality juicer is an investment. It separates juice and pulp,and removing the fiber makes it easier for absorption of the vitamins and minerals by the body.

Other drinks-should be taken with warm ,not boiled, distilled water

*Spirulina mixed with honey and diluted in distilled water as a drink to replace mineral deficit etc 3-6x a day is good.

*Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with one teaspoon of honey taken before breakfast is like a natural water enema and will start things moving along nicely.


Vegetables (preferably raw) in salad form for lunch are a good thing during your colon cleanse. For dinner, eat lightly steamed or cooked veggies e.g potatoes,carrots and celery. This will give your digestive system relief from the usually excessive-meat-based western diet.


I was advised to stay away from meat during my detoxification program, but if you are just on a colon cleansing diet, fish, turkey and chicken with vegetables can be acceptable depending on your particular situation (obviously check with your doctor or Alternative Health practitioner and check the specifics of your Natural Detox Program)

Porridge oats (preferably) for breakfast. You can add honey and fruit but not white sugar, artificial sweeteners, and no milk.

Avoid milk, coffee,tea and all alcohol and fizzy sodas when you are detoxing your body. Don’t smoke (duh!). No salted foods or fried foods.

Over time as we develop this site we will try to include a more definitive list of colon cleansing food for help with natural colon cleansing and other detoxification (such as Heavy Metal Detoxification methods.

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